About Mandapeta Municipality

Mandapeta Municipality is 5th largest ULB in the East Godavari District of Andhra Pradesh.  It is spread over an area of 21.65 Sq.KMs. with a population of 53,588 (2011 Census).  It is known for / famous for Rice Milling Activity, Poultry Industry and Animal Husbandry for huge Milk Production.
 Mandavya was a sage, who according to Hinduism, was lived in Mandapeta in vedic times, was wrongly punished by the king by being impaled. This occurred as the chief of a band of robbers had hidden their stolen goods in a corner of his hermitage, when he was in deep contemplation and he was wrongly assumed to have stolen the goods. Lord Yama gave him this punishment for having tortured birds and bees in his childhood. In response, Mandavya cursed the Dharma, as his punishment exceeded the since committed as an ignorant child. Therefore he cursed him to be born in the mortal world. It is also considered in myths Hinduism story that Mandavya Rishi is a son of Manu and his name is Manavya Rishi later his name change into Mandavya. Mandavya is a gothra of different castes. Read More